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Two Time Grammy Nominated...

Producer, Engineer, Mixer and Songwriter Joe Marlett has been making records for over a decade. He first emerged on the scene in San Diego, California, engineering at a local studio working on several records with Blink 182 as well as Switchfoot and Fenix TX. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2001, he quickly built his reputation and credits recording with artists such as; Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Seal, Destiny's Child, Relient k and many more.

Word about Joe soon spread across the border into Mexico and eventually into Spain where he spent the last several years producing and recording hit records for Latin artists Revolver, Paulina Rubio, Adammo, Nikki Clan, No Way Out and Delux. Nominated for his first Grammy in 2005 with Revolver for 'Best Rock Album' and his second Grammy in 2010 with the Peruvian group Adammo, Joe has become one of Latin Rock's most sought after producer/mixer and recorded and mixed Revolver's new record, 'Argan' in Marrakesh, Morocco and became Revolver's most critically release to date.
In 2010, Joe teamed up with Dirtbag records, a sub-label of Warner Music Group, producing and mixing the breakout single for Seasons After 'Cry Little Sister', which peaked at #13 on BDS. Their second single, 'Getting Even' has re-entered the charts and is rising. Currently on the active rock charts with Dirtbag/WMG are; Wake The Light with 'Best of Me' (mixed) and Scarlet Haze (now known as 'Kat Perkins' from The Voice 2014) with 'Reach Down' (produced/engineered/mixed), written by Dane Deviller and Sean Hosein.

Joe Marlett has gone on to Produce, Engineer and Mix for Relient k, The Bronx, Jewel, The Transit War, Delux, Nikki Clan, Allison, NoWayOut, and members of Nine Inch Nails, New Found Glory, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Angels and Airwaves.

Joe has teamed up with his good friend Will Salazar of Fenix TX to start M5 Music Group. M5 will focus on writing as well as music production. It also serves as the launch pad for a two part web series called Studio Life. Studio Life is about 'the day in the life' of a record producer... with a twist here and there.

Here is a song M5 Music Group wrote and produced for Peruvian band Adammo, Siento Que Caigo . The english version, Catch Me. This video was Nominated in the MTV European Video Music Awards 2011.

In Joe's Words -
Since starting my epic journey of music production in the late 90's, I have come to realize a few things... First and foremost, I love music. It is the love of music and the inspiration that I get from it that drives not only me, but the billions on this planet that listen to and enjoy music… whatever genre it may be.

Something occurred to me recently during my latest trip to Barcelona while working with 'Sons Of Meteora'. I was asked by the singer, "What's your best memory in the studio, and who was the band?" I thought for a moment, I usually do when asked this question (as I get asked a lot), and just before I answered, I stopped. I realized that I have countless memories with countless bands stored away in my brain. From watching Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic jamming with Josh Homme while taking a break from mixing one of the last songs Nirvana recorded, to seeing Mark Hoppus read the morning paper naked in the studio. I've had a front row seat to hear the magic exude from Seal's incredible voice, to sitting in a studio in Spain mixing an album that would later be nominated for a Grammy. I've seen the sex, drugs and rock and roll that so many talk about and understand the allure of it. I've been part of some amazing records in the last decade and feel grateful to have lived the experience.

So, the question that is always asked is an impossible one to answer. What I can say is, that when I listen to an album that I worked on, it instantly takes me back to the time and place we recorded it. Whether it be 'The Transit War' in Austin, 'Adammo' in Lima, 'Revolver' in Marrakech, 'Relient K' in Nashville, 'Blink 182' and 'Switchfoot' in San Diego, 'Queens of the Stone Age' and 'Foo Fighters' in LA, or 'Sons of Meteora' and 'No Way Out' in Barcelona, each and every memory is forever embedded in the album and will always be there. They have become my audio photographs.

Today, we are facing hard times in the music industry. Illegal downloading and streaming music services are slowly taking their toll on those that are here to create. While we spend countless hours creating and painting the audio canvas, there are those that feel they "deserve" it for free. But, as long as we continue to do what we do best, make great records while capturing the memories, we will prevail.

Joe Marlett,


January '13 -

Currently mixing Sexy Zebra's new album. Wow, this will be an amazing record for Spain. The band if from Madrid and I am sure this record will do very well for them!
Also, finished mixing Espacio Libre's EP.

December '12 -

Producing the new EP from Espacio Libre, a cool band from the Canary Islands. They are here in So Cal all the way from Las Palmas.

September '12 -

3 week vacation in Europe.. back soon

July - August '12 -

Getting married and taking some time off!!

June '12 -

Mixing an album for an Italian group, 'Nadia and the Rabbits.' I had so much fun with this record. Lots of spacial mixing and great tunes!

March '12 -

Mixing an album for a band from Argentina called, 'Kyosko'. Great songs and will be great album. I am also getting my good friend Matt Thiessen from Relient K to make a guest appearance on vocals!
Mixing some singles for Monaco, fronted by the drummer of Revolver. Julian is writing some great songs.

February '12 -

Finished mixing Mike Zanettis's album.

January '12 -

The Web series is done!!! you can see it here at Studio Life on YOUTUBE

December '11 -

Mixing a new single for a band from South Africa Called 'Zebra & Giraffe' Very cool band!! Check them out… single is "All I Gave"
Doing a remix for a Spanish band called 'Sexy Zebras'(funny… 2 mixes in the same month with "Zebra" in the title!)
Recorded and mixed a cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" with Mexico's young sensation, 'Los Vazquez'

November '11 -

Editing the 2nd half of my new web series titled… "Studio Life"

October '11 -

Back from Spain and mixing the record I produced in Barcelona for Sons Of Meteora
This is truly a great rock album!

September '11 -

Heading back out to Barcelona to produce a band called 'Sons of Meteora' Looks like its gonna be a great album.

August '11 -

Mixing for a new artist from Mexico, Mike Zanetti. Cool tunes.. If you like Bruno Mars, you'll like this record.
Mike Zanetti

July '11 -

Starting a mix for the Italian band, "DR U" fronted by Chris Catena. Big rock album

May '11 -

Mixing a record for a UK band named 'New Ivory'. I'm really digging this record!! Due out end of the year. Check them out!!
New Ivory

March '11 -

Adammo has a new song that I produced and mixed that will be on a new Nickelodeon show. It's called, 'Hechizo de Amor.'

Mixed a new song for Dirtbag Records from a band called Ghosts of August. The song 'Scars' Will be released next month.

Revolver's new record, 'Argan' is out!!! AMAZING

Feb '11 -

I have finished the mixes for Revolver's "Argan" Amazing record. It will be released March 29.

Jan '11 -

Happy New Year!
Scarlet Haze has debuted to radio strong with "Reach Down." We have special guests playing on the track- Ron Thal, guitarist for Gun's n Roses, and Ilan Rubin drummer for Nine Inch Nails!

Seasons After is back on the charts with "Getting Even", their follow up to "Cry Little Sister."

And finally... I have started mixing the new Revolver record titled, "Argan." Recorded in Morocco last year, it is heavily influenced with Arabic rhythms and melodies.

Dec '10 -

Its been a crazy year! 3 Months in Europe and Africa to record a couple of really amazing records with No Way Out and Revolver! Marrackech was absolutely amazing!! I am glad to be back and ready for 2011.

Mixed and Mastered No Way Out's new record titled, "Tabula Rasa."

Nov '10 -

Adammo picked up a Grammy Nomination for the single "Algun Dia!"

I'm in Marrakech, Morocco recording the new record with Revolver titled, "Argan." Amazing songs!

Oct '10 -

Las Palmas, Canary Islands recording an EP with Espacio Libre. Having a great time!

Took a week off and went to Paris for a few days and spent time in Costa Brava, North Spain.

Aug '10 -

Traveling to Spain to work with No Way Out on their new record. I will also be working with Espacio Libre in the Canary Islands and then in November I will be in Marrakech Morocco to record the new Revolver Album.

July '10 -

Finished mixing the new record for Wake The Light on Dirtbag/Warner Bros.

May '10 -

Finally... The Delux record, "$" is done!

March '10 -

Adammo is coming to California to record their new record, titled "Amber." My good friend Will Salazar(Fenix TX) and I wrote a song that will be featured on the record titled, "Siento Que Caigo."

Nov '09 -

Going to Peru! I will be recording a single for the band Adammo in Lima.

Oct '09 -

Mixing 3 songs for The Bronx, for the Rock Band Network. Also, Launching a new company called, Ride The Lights Productions, with my good friend Chris Lewis. We will be specializing in creating uploadable tracks for the new Rock Band Network.

Aug '09 -

Barcelona!!! Here to record a single with No Way Out. Also, I will be in Madrid for a week recording 3 songs I wrote with an actress, Adriana Torrebejano.

April '09 -

I'm taking the summer off to write songs with Will Salazar of Fenix TX.

Feb '09 -

In the studio with The New Regime, Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails. We are recording his follow up record to Coup.

Dec '08 -

The new Delux record is in pre-production!!! I am having my friend Ilan Rubin, new drummer for Nine Inch Nails, record the drum tracks. This record should be real good!!

Sept '08 -

I'm Back from Spain... I had a great time! The Despistaos guys were awesome!! Its a great record. Now I'll be starting a new production with Bobby Vidales in Mexicali.

July '08 -

I'm Heading back to Spain to work with Despistaos in Madrid. Should be good times

May '08 -

I'm still in Mexico putting the finishing touches on the mixes for Nikki Clan. I'm taking a small break from Piltrafas to mix a record for a Band in Spain Called Aloud. Then bac to the Piltrafas and Tuxido records.

April '08 -

I will be in Mexico working with my friends Nikki Clan on their 2nd record for Sony/BMG! I will also be working on a side project the guys have put together called "Piltrafas". Also, I am starting work on another record with their good friends in a band called Tuxido... I will be here in Mexico until early June!!!

March '08 -

I am Mixing the first EP for a band called "Students". Students is the brainchild of Mike Frey, lead singer and bassist for The Transit War. It was produced by Mike and my good friend Aaron Rubin. Its a Great Record!!

Febuary '08 -

The No Way Out record is finished! It will be released on April 22nd and is titled "Lo Que Dura Dura". I will also be going to spain for a week to record an alt version of the first single "Lo Mismo" in english.

January '08 -

The No Way Out record has started and its going to be good. all of the songs are strong and very hooky! We've even got some guest apperances, including a guitar solo with Brian Baker the guitarist for Bad Religion! Others will include: Mo Perez, singer and guitartist for Delux and Ilan Rubin, Drummer for Lostprophets!!!

December '07 - No Way Out is coming to San Diego! They will be here in January to record their next record!!

November '07 - Starting Pre-production with No Way Out... Should be back in Spain next month.

August '07 - Done with the Pensive record... 5 weeks in Vegas is way too much! Glad to be done. Time for a vacation!

July '07 - I will be in Las Vegas recording an album with my good friend Will Salazar. Should be good times!

June '07 - Finished with the Violet Wild Record!

May '07 - Back out in Phoenix.... Label problems with the Violet Wild Record has forced us to re-record the album...

March '07 - Delux debuted at number 5 on the charts!!!

January '07 -Finished the Delux record! it's amazing... We are looking for a March release.

December '06 - Merry Christmas!

November '06 - We have started the Delux record and things are moving along! We took a few days off to go back to Mexico City so the band could play a show with Angels and Airwaves. Great Show!

October '06 - The TRANSIT WAR record is out in stores! Here are several reviews Review 1 , Review 2 , Review 3. I also spent 7 days in Mexico City, meeting with Delux and Sony/BMG. I will be producing Delux's first record on Sony.

August '06 - We are done with the Violet Wild album and i am glad to be out of Phoenix! Great city, but summer is not the time to out there. I will be mixing a record with a band from san diego called The Perils of Being. It should be good times!

June/July '06 - Hot In Phoenix! I'm Working on a new record with Bobby Scott (Mink Rebellion) and Josh Kennedy (The Black Moods) in Phoenix. The name is "Violet Wild" and as of yet, there is no release date, but it will be an excellent record.

May '06 - Switchfoot I spent a week in the studio with Switchfoot cutting tracks for their upcoming record. It's going to be a good one!

April '06 - THE TRANSIT WAR record is DONE!!! Its amazing and will be released October 3rd.
Also... Relient K's current single "Who I am Hates Who I've Been", is RIAA Gold.

JANUARY '06 Lots and lots to talk about! I just finished two very amazing albums.
Paige Aufhammer and Nikki Clan.
Paige's record, Wandering, will be released on LMC Records in late February or early March. Her first single will hit AAA radio around the release. Please check out her website for shows and details on the release.
Nikki Clan will be released in mid May on Sony/BMG and the first single, Mirame will hit the airwaves on February 10th!
ALSO - I will be starting pre-production with The Transit War in mid-feb and we will be recording the album at the beginning of March in Austin TX. I am very excited about this album so look for it to be released on Orange Peal Records early summer '06.
One More thing! Relient K's single "Be My Escape" is RIAA Platinum!

NEWS!! (August '05) Revolver's album "Mestizo" has been nominated for a Grammy!!!! Best Rock Solo Album Of The Year.

NEWS!! (July '05) Relient K's album "MMHMM" is now RIAA certified Gold!

NEWS!! (Feb '05) Relient K's last record just went Gold! AND.... MMHMM, has sold over 200,000 records!!!

NEWS!! (Nov '04) WoooHooo!!! Relient K debuted on Billboard at number 15! Congratulations to them. They have worked long and hard for that....
Also, Revolver has hit number 7 on the charts in Spain! So Good!!!

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